Welcome to Microsoft Online Services (the email you get after buying)

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Dear Customer name.

Welcome to Microsoft Online Services. Your Live Meeting Online subscription is now ready for you to use. Your service administrator will need to go to the Microsoft Online Services Administration Center to set up and manage your services.

To sign into the Administration Center:
  1. Go to the Administration Center.
  2. When prompted, sign in with the following temporary credentials:

    User name: admin@domain.microsoftonline.com
    Password: adfkja;sfj

  3. For security reasons, the Administration Center will require you to change your password on your first sign in.
  4. Now that you have successfully signed into the Administration Center, we recommend that you immediately create a personal administrator account with your own alias. Use this personal account from now on. Reserve the admin@webinarrequest.microsoftonline.com account as a back-up administrator account.

    To create a personal administrator account in the Administration Center:

  5. Follow the instructions in Add an Account with Administrator Permissions.

If you are not able to sign in to the Administration Center, contact Microsoft Online Services Support immediately to report this issue.

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Microsoft Online Services Team

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