Service Activation Screen Shots

Partner Name on Microsoft Online Services Invoice

Customers that have a relationship with 5thnk, a Microsoft Online Services Partner and have designated that 5thnk as their “partner of record” will see 5thnk on their subscription invoice.
Partners are technical and business professionals who specialize in Microsoft products, and they are an important part of Microsoft’s delivery of your software services.

After signing in and choosing 5thnk as your Partner of Record (POR) and purchase of your Microsoft Online Service you are presented with Activation Choices

Screen Shot 1. choose an internal domain choice presents itself to you.

Screen Shot #2 The Service that was activated here is  Microsoft Live Meeting, which is an online presentation software tool.  Webinarrequest seemed like a logical choice for the domain name.

Screen Shot #3 This screen shot shows entry fields for your admin.

Screen Shot 4 is a confirmation that your order has processed