Easy Migration/Deployment

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With up-to-date capabilities at a predictable cost, you the customer don't have to spend time or effort in deployment and can get up and running quickly, which translates to better productivity. You the customer won't have to worry about software updates and upgrades, because you will always be using the latest version.

Microsoft Admin Center: Migrating email from on-prem to Microsoft Hosted Services

Key Benefits:

-Up and running quickly
-Latest software
-No more upgrades
-Predictable cost
-Optimized productivity

Easier IT Administration/Management

Simplified management means IT administrators can manage all services from one place. There are several key features that IT administrators will find useful.
  • The ability to manage everything from one simple console
  • Seamlessly operate their on-premise Exchange server with its online counterpart
  • Access data migration tools
  • Create and manage support requests
  • Maintain visibility into the overall health of the service
The Business Productivity Online Suite frees up IT administrators' time. Instead of configuring servers and other IT chores, they'll be able to devote their time to higher-order, value-add IT functions.


Coexistence gives IT administrators the flexibility to maintain on-premise control for some users while enabling online services for others. It allows some users to be on the local mail server, while the other users are provisioned by Exchange Online.

This is accomplished by a shared namespace that allows both hosted and on-premise users to have e-mail addresses with a common address format. The global access list is synchronized between the on-premise and online Exchange servers. E-mail flows securely and seamlessly between on-premise and online.

The Mail exchanger record (MX record) controls the routing of e-mail, so that all messages are directed to the client's on-premise server first, and the remaining messages are sent to the hosted server for delivery to individuals whose mailboxes are provisioned there. The process also works in reverse: All mail sent from an online mailbox flows through the on-premise server.

Built-in Security and Business Continuity

Delivering highly secure, private, and reliable computing experiences based on sound business practices. Security and business continuity are top of mind for most IT administrators. One of these key business practices is Active Directory synchronization. Microsoft® Online Services synchronizes with your client's active directory, so they are always kept in sync.
Data recovery is another important security practice that is covered by Microsoft Online Services. All data in our primary data center is backed up to another geographically separated facility. In case of data-center-wide failure, the hosted service automatically switches over to the backup facility.
The security and continuity features include:
  • Highly Secure Access using HTTPS
  • Virus and spam filtering in the cloud
  • Highly secure data centers which are SAS 70 compliant, certified by Cybertrust, and are physically secure as well
  • Ninety-nine percent uptime service-level agreement 99% uptime
  • Geo-redundant centers ensuring customer data is automatically moved to the backup facility