Client Sign up and Process

To sign up, you will need a Windows Live ID: 2437508
Microsoft Partner

Customer log in

  • Access and log in to the Microsoft Online Customer Portal.
  • Create a customer profile.
  • Add subscriptions to the cart.
  • Finalize purchases in the shopping cart.
  • Select or establish your partner of record (POR).
  • To add a new Microsoft Authorized Partner from the Shopping Cart

    1. Sign in to the Customer Portal using your Windows Live ID.

    2. On the Services page, select a service you want to try or buy, and then click Add to cart.

    3. In the Shopping Cart, under Partner, click Find a partner.

    4. In the Find a Partner Wizard, complete the information on the following pages:

      • Search Partners: Either enter a Partner ID or search for a partner by name or location.

      • Review and Select: Select a Microsoft Authorized Partner from the search results, or return to the Search Partners page to refine your search criteria.

      • Partner Information: View contact information for the selected partner, and agree to share information with your partner.

      • Confirmation: Click Close to submit the information.

    Both you and the partner will receive an e-mail message that confirms this action.

  • Agree to the discount terms and continue to check out.
  • Select payment method.
  • Accept the Microsoft Online Services Agreement terms and conditions.
  • Review and confirm their order.
-Link to customer Portal